PART B1 - Safety on board

B1 Operative ship handing 


IMO SMCP (Standard Marine Communication Phrases)
“PART B1 - Operative ship handing”
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B1 Operative ship handing 

B1/1 Handing over the watch
    B1/1.1 Briefing on position, movement and draf

B1/1.1.1 Position

B1/1.1.2 Movements

B1/1.1.3 Draft

    B1/1.2 Briefing on traffic situation in the area

    B1/1.3 Briefing on navigational aids and equipment status

    B1/1.4 Briefing on radio communications

    B1/1.5 Briefing on meteorological conditions

    B1/1.6 Briefing on standing orders and bridge

    B1/1.7 Briefing on special events

    B1/1.8 Briefing on temperatures pressures and soundings

    B1/1.9 Briefing on operation of main engine and auxiliary equipment

    B1/1.10 Briefing on pumping of fuel, ballast water, etc.

    B1/1.11 Briefing on special machinery events and repairs

    B1/1.12 Briefing on record keeping

    B1/1.13 Handing and taking over the watch

        B1/2 Trim, list and stability