PART B2 - Safety on board

B2 Safety on Board


IMO SMCP (Standard Marine Communication Phrases)
“PART B2 - Safety on board”
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B2 Safety on board

B2/1 General activities

B2/1.1 Raising alarm

B2/1.2 Briefing crew and passengers.

B2/1.3 Checking status of escape routes

B2/1.4 Ckecking status of lifeboats/liferafts

B2/1.5 Ordering evacuation

B2/1.6 Roll call

B2/1.7 Ordering abandon vessel

B2/1.8 In – boat procedures

B2/2 Occupational safety

B2/2.1 Instruction

B2/2.2 Practical occupational safety

B2/2.3 Occupational accidents

B2/3 Occupational accidents

B2/3.1 Fire protection.

B2/3.1.1 Checking status of equipment

B2/3.2 Fire fighting and drills

B2/3.2.1 Reporting fire

B2/3.2.2 Reporting readiness for action

B2/3.2.3 Orders for fire fighting

B2/3.2.4 Cancellation of alarm


B2/4 Damage control

B2/4.1 Checking equipment status and drills

B2/4.2 Damage control activities

B2/4.2.1 Reporting flooding

B2/4.2.2 Reporting readiness for action

B2/4.2.3 Orders for damage control

B2/4.2.4 Cancellation of alarm

B2/5 Grounding (See Also B2/1 “General Activities”)

B2/5.1 Reporting grounding and ordering actions

B2/5.2 Reporting damage

B2/5.3 Orders for refloting

B2/5.4 Checking seaworthiness

B2/6 Search and rescue on-board activities

B2/6.1 Checking equipment status

B2/6.2 Person-overboard activities

B2/6.3 Rescue operation – reporting readiness for assistance

B2/6.4 Conducting search

B2/6.5 Rescue activities

B2/6.6 Finishing with search and rescue operations