PART B3 - Cargo and cargo handling

B3 Cargo and cargo handling


IMO SMCP (Standard Marine Communication Phrases)
“PART B3 - Cargo and cargo handling”
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B3 Cargo and cargo handling

B3/1 Cargo handling

B3/1.1 Loading and unloading

B3/1.1.1 Loading capacities and quantities

B3/1.1.2 Dockside/ shipboard cargo handling gear and equipment

B3/1.1.3 Preparing for loading/discharging

B3/1.1.4 Operating cargo handling equipment and hatches

B3/1.1.5 Maintaining/ repairing cargo handling equipment

B3/1.1.6 Briefing on stowing and securing

B3/1.2 Handling dangerous goods

B3/1.2.1 Briefing on nature of dangerous goods

B3/1.2.2 Instructions on compatibility and stowage

B3/1.2.3 Reporting incidents

B3/1.2.4 Action in case of incidents

B3/1.3 Handling liquid goods, bunkers and ballast: pollution prevention

B3/1.3.1 Preparing safety measures

B3/1.3.2 Operating pumping equipment

B3/1.3.3 Reporting and cleaning up spillage

B3/1.3.4 Ballast handling

B3/1.3.5 Cleaning tanks

B3/1.4 Preparing for sea

B3/2 Cargo care

B3/2.1 Operating shipboard equipment for cargo care

B3/2.2 Taking measures for cargo care

B3/2.2.1 Carrying out inspections

B3/2.2.2 Describing damage to the cargo

B3/2.2.3 Taking actions